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Linda “Osty” Ostapowicz
License #0B43847  
Linda has been a top producing agent since 1995. Osty Insurance Agency offers:

Group Health Insurance
Individual and Senior Health Insurance
Travel Insurance

Linda has been a featured speaker for community groups, panel
presentations and a guest on radio talk shows dealing with insurance
issues. Linda is a well known community volunteer and benefactor.

She was born in San Luis Obispo. Linda spends her spare time
volunteering in the community with her husband Ken. Linda has a
Maltese/Yorkie pet named Miss Marple and enjoys visiting family,
reading, gardening and traveling.

Ms Marple
My name is Ms Marple, I am named after Agatha Christie’s sleuth, she
was a nosey rosie busy body and they tell me we have a lot in common.
I enjoy coming to work and greeting friends and customers. So if we
have not met, please come by the office, I would like very much for
you to pet me.

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